We are 100% climate neutral

Working sustainably

Nowadays, it is imperative to be climate-neutral. For all products that we are allowed to procure for you, corresponding production, resources and delivery routes are required. The CO2 emissions generated in this process chain must be compensated. With the help of our climate protection partner "ClimatePartner" we have developed an appropriate climate protection strategy, calculate the CO2 emissions and reduce them to a minimum. To compensate for the unavoidable CO2 emissions, we support ClimatePartner projects and thus make a concrete contribution to climate protection. This label is incorporated into our or your products and can be obtained and labelled in this way on request. E.g. on the bottom of a thermos bottle, on the label of a T-shirt, etc.

Sustainability in cooperation

Sustainability also has a price for customers. Sustainable articles are associated with higher costs, in which we see our task as raising awareness among customers and partners, increasing willingness and acting accordingly with our consultations.

Assortment design

Product selection, material, production

Delivery management

Mode of delivery, delivery period, collective deliveries

Quantity Management

Order quantities

Packaging Management

Type of packaging

Own office in China

With our location in China, we control the productions on site for safety, working conditions, social benefits and quality under strict conditions. If there are deficiencies, this is forwarded accordingly and there are no productions. In addition, with our office in China, we guarantee transparent and more efficient production routes without additional middlemen and delivery detours.

Quality control and transparency

We know the production sites and the origin of the raw materials and select the optimal conditions for the individual orders.

Textile printing and embroidery in Gossau (SG)

With our professional infrastructure in Switzerland, we carry out textile finishing ourselves, depending on the economic viability.

More about Climate Partner

ClimatePartner stands for "Better living conditions today and tomorrow". ClimatePartner works every day to improve the living conditions of people, animals and plants in this world through climate protection. Specifically, they develop and promote climate protection projects with their clients. Climate protection projects improve the situation on site and create opportunities for people to improve their lives. Furthermore, climate protection projects preserve the habitat of animals and plants. However, the essential contribution that "CimatePartner" wants to make is to protect the climate. So that future generations can shape their lives as freely as we do today. Because that will not be possible if the average temperature on earth continues to rise.

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