Beat Brönnimann GmbH: employee clothing, textile printing, shop solution

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Brönnimann, the tinsmith for tinsmithing and façade work, flat roof work in EPDM, locksmith work and modern lightning protection systems. k-sales was allowed to completely outfit its employees and ensure simple and uncomplicated repeat orders with its own shop.

CustomerBeat Brönnimann GmbH
Helvetiastrasse 47A
9000 St. Gallen

Project in brief & further links

Robust jackets and trousers for daily use. For employees as ambassadors in the matching corporate design.
Polo shirts for use in the office or in sales.

Direct contact

 Gil Gretler 

Project Manager | Board Member

+41 79 698 38 37
 Luca Izzi 

Project Manager

+41 79 783 18 05

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