die Mobiliar: event services, textiles, custom-made products, textile printing

Bern, Switzerland

Mobiliar, founded in 1826 in Bern, is the oldest private insurance company in Switzerland and is still anchored in a cooperative. For Mobiliar's commitment to "Indoor Sports", k-sales may contribute textiles, custom-made products and event services.

CustomerSwiss Mobiliar Insurance Company Ltd
Bundesgasse 35
3001 Bern

Project in brief & further links

With its own event teams, k-sales produces "Mobiliar TopScorer Shirts" with the mobile print shop on site.
In addition, k-sales also produces polo shirts and various fan articles for Mobiliar.

Direct contact

 Marcel Keller 

Managing Director | Owner

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+41 71 577 04 41
 Gil Gretler 

Project Manager | Board Member

+41 79 698 38 37
 Luca Izzi 

Project Manager

+41 79 783 18 05

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