Pasta Premium: Textiles, Printing & Embroidery, Merchandising

Frauenfeld, Switzerland

The history of Pasta Premium AG dates back to 1858 with the founding of the Ernst company in Kradolf. Today, the company comprises the firmly rooted traditional Swiss brands BSCHÜSSIG, Ernst, La Chinoise and Ami. For Pasta Premium, k-sales produces various textiles with printing and embroidery as well as custom-made promotional items such as the BSCHÜSSIG picnic baskets.

Pasta Premium AG
Breitenstrasse 2B
8500 Frauenfeld

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Direct contact

 Marcel Keller 

Managing Director | Owner

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+41 71 577 04 41
 Gil Gretler 

Project Manager | Board Member

+41 79 698 38 37
 Luca Izzi 

Project Manager

+41 79 783 18 05 GmbH
Mooswiesstrasse 30
9200 Gossau
+41 71 380 05 05

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